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with Our Precious Metal Commodities

Are you a purchaser of commodites or looking for great deals on American gold and other precious metals? We buy, sell, or trade precious metal commodities more easily and affordably when you do business with our company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. American Independent Gold and Silver is a full-service commodities brokerage firm specializing in the buying, selling, and trading of precious metal commodities, including collector's coins and private dealer collections at close to wholesale prices. Contact us today for more details about how we can make precious metal commodities work for you.

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Why Choose Us?
With our more than 75 years of combined experience and prices close to vest, we can provide you with the financial outcomes you're looking for in precious metal commodities.

Silver,Precious Metal Commodities, in Minneapolis, MN

A Word from Our President
I started this company when I saw the opportunity for people to make money in precious metal commodities. If gold is your "savings," then silver is your "checking!" When you put money in the commodities market, you're not spending your money—you're simply transfering your wealth for insurance and safety against the falling dollar or in times of need.

Call us today at (877) 312-1026 for close to wholesale pricing on precious metal commodities.